Wilderness Vision Quest

Through the Vision Quest you find a greater sense of joy that comes from creating a life that has meaning. You will be able to find your unique gifts and the power in what you have believed to be your weaknesses. Why is the Vision Quest still used to this day? Because it works and it works powerfully!

The Wilderness Vision Quest is an ancient rite of passage used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures and mystical societies all over the world for spiritual growth and expansion. The tradition passed to us by Grandfather Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache elder and holy man (though this is not a Lipan Apache Quest) consists of four days and four nights immersed in the beauty and healing energy of nature, fasting from all things familiar. With all the noise of daily life removed you are more able to hear communications from nature and from your soul.

  • Prior to this program we will help you prepare for this life-changing experience.
  • In the two preparation days that precede your Vision Quest we will give you the tools necessary to enter and get the most from your Quest. 
  • During your Vision Quest we will provide physical support as well as Spiritual and Physical protection from outside interference

After the Quest, we will give you the tools to help you process and understand all the gifts and insights that you have received, so that your spiritual growth can be integrated into your daily life.

The Vision Quest is a challenging and powerful opportunity for growth. Thanks to Grandfather’s genius it is free of any dogma or religious affiliation. The only requirement is a commitment to yourself and your spiritual growth. Prior outdoor experience is not required. Participants in this rite of passage have ranged in age from 18 to 82. Please call to discuss any questions about dietary or medical needs.

You will need camping equipment for the base camp during the days you are not Questing. Location and a full “To Bring” list will be included in your acceptance letter. We provide all meals and bottled water used during the Quest.

Co-ed Quest: (April 27 to May 4, 2024 ) (September 21 to September 28, 2024) 

Muskoka Ontario (North of Toronto)

Protectors/Guides: Domenic Massa and Robert  Pickering.   

For more information please contact Dominic at:

[email protected]

(please copy and paste into you personal email)

The Sacred Village: Women’s Quest  April 16 to 23, 2024 Muskoka Ontario (North of Toronto)

Protector/Guide: Emma O’Connor

For more information please contact Emma at:

[email protected]

(please copy and paste into you personal email)

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**This donation is not payment for the Vision Quest teachings, but covers the many expenses incurred in running this program, such as meals, land rental, supplies, travel expenses, insurance, taxes, etc., that enable us to continue to offer this program to those who are called to it. Further, it is a measure of your commitment to what you are undertaking and a measure of respect for your guides and protectors in the experience.**


In my life, Vision Quest has been one of the most powerful tools for transformation and personal growth that I have experienced. “Living my vision” is something that I do every day in my post-quest life. I was in the fortunate position of being able to conduct a personal quest just prior to the outbreak of Covid last spring and have been grateful for the way it prepared me to deal with the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of this difficult time.  

Bob P

I believe Vision Questing is the most important thing any human being can possibly be doing right now, and I see protecting a Vision Quest for others as the most important thing I can do with my life.

Sitting with the heart of Creator, with the heart of nature and experience it’s purity is an absolute gift to our Mother and to all our relations. Many thanks to my teachers Chuck and Sandy for leading the way wholeheartedly and passionately living their vision. Lastly, I feel deeply honoured and so lucky to have come across the teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf in this life time.  I am committed to learning from Mama Earth and the Lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf. Living my vision and protecting my people is a duty.

Emma O