Seven Levels of Quest

These Seven Levels of Quest will transform your life. They can open you to an understanding of the first law of spiritual growth which is “Know Thyself”.

For some the journey to the Seven Levels starts with a Wilderness Vision Quest, for others it is a direct calling to use these tools on a regular basis so that life becomes a consistent seeking for Truth and Spiritual growth. This class is designed to save you time on your Spiritual journey.

The four day Wilderness Vision Quest is the Mother of all quests. The other six quests can be found within the journey of Vision Questing if you are dedicated enough. Better yet, these Quests are easily fitted into your daily life. In fact, they are better suited to an active lifestyle. There is no need to sit alone in the woods for four days unless you are called to that.

These Seven Levels of Quest are based on teachings passed down from Grandfather Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache Elder and Shaman, through Tom Brown Jr. and Malcolm Ringwalt. 

This class is well balanced between lecture time and individual experiential time.

Prerequisite: No prerequisite is required for this class.

Cost: $900.00**.   A $300.00 non refundable deposit is due on registration.

Retake: $450.00.  

For more information please contact Sandy at:

[email protected]

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“There is giving a man a fish, and then there is teaching one to fish. Chuck and Sandy through the seven levels course helped me to learn to fish, to stop tripping over myself and just fall into the space between desire and acceptance, and to understand one from that which seemed insoluble, to go in to go out. Their care and patience with my many many many questions, their depth of knowledge and joy in the journey has been an integral part of my own discovery.

Thank you both again. Just wow.”

Terrence M.

“The seven levels course was one of the most impactful events of my life. The format of the fusion of an outdoor course and ceremony, wrapped up with a balance of instruction anchored with direct practice and experience which allowed me to connect deeper with my own self and the nature around me. The learning offered intellectual understanding without impeding the direct experience learning which is far more impactful and planted seeds which continue to revolutionize my life path years later. I came away with a more integrated understanding of my reality equipped with tools for leading an aware, present and connected life (some call it a “spiritual life”) in any context. This course has helped me integrate understandings which I have gathered from different sources in a more cohesive and sustainable way, where my human development continues in cooperation rather than competition with all aspects of my life including living in the city, working in a corporate context and engaged both with my community and family.” 

Dmitri S.

“The 7 levels of quest was certainly more than I expected, and definitely pushed some edges of experience in a divine way. I knew after my first vision quest (Lokota lineage) that I would need to be supported in my everyday life in deepening my awareness-connection with the spiritual dimensions. The seven levels were sacred, potent and universal. It sent me home with some really great quests-tools that are helping me to live out my vision. The sacred silence has been incredibly medicinal for me.

Thank you Chuck and Sandy for holding such a safe, sacred and fun container.”

Emma O.

“I highly recommend the 7 Levels of Quest workshop taught by the wonderful and caring Chuck & Sandy in such a beautiful setting. The teachings and exercises provide the foundation to bring the energy of the Vision Quest into one’s everyday life. If you are searching in any way, this workshop is for you. I simply loved everything about the experience. I felt nourished; body and soul.”

Sandra C.