About Us

Chuck and Sandy live just outside of St. Thomas Ontario and can be reached at 519-550-2709 or through the Contact Us on this website.

Chuck’s Journey

My healing journey began in the mid-eighties when I took my first martial arts class. After receiving my black belt in karate I saw a movie about a martial artist who had just received his black belt from his sensei and the sensei told him “now you have learned how to hurt people which is the easy part, it is time you learn to heal people which is the hard part”.  This statement had a very profound effect on me. Since the early nineties I have been actively working with healing energies such as Therapeutic Touch, Jikiden Reiki in which I became a teacher, Intuitive Pressure Point work, Ceremonial Healing, the healing methods passed down through the lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf.


Most recently I have become certified as a Zone Technique practitioner which I believe to be the best form of healing that I have come across.


My spiritual journey began in 1997 when I was diagnosed with cancer. This was a gift that prompted me to look at who and what I am. Since then I have taken numerous courses in Healing, Awareness, Tracking, Survival, Wilderness Philosophy and Ceremony at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School in New Jersey. I have facilitated over one hundred fifty Sweat Lodges and hundreds of Pipe, Drum and Feather Ceremonies. The 50 plus courses that I have taken at the Tracker School have given me the vision of my place in this world and the confidence to follow this vision.


I had the good fortune of meeting Malcolm Ringwalt of The Oneness Quest in 1999. Since then I have completed several Vision Quests, the Vision Quest Protector class, Advanced Protector classes, Seven Levels of Quest, Spiritual Mentoring, The Training, Being Human, The Purity of Oneness, The Ocean of Grace, and have done a 42 Day Retreat with him. This led me to becoming a teacher of Protection and Seven Levels of Quest.


I have had a healing practice for many years and have volunteered at local hospitals and Wellspring in London Ontario. This has brought me to the understanding that my vision is: “To become the best healer and teacher that I can be.”


Sandy, my family, grandchildren, and community are a very important part of my life and I strive each day to become a better partner, father, grandfather, and healer.


When time permits I like to putter in my woodworking shop and build drums.


Sandy’s Journey

After retirement in 1998, a twist of fate propelled me into the energy healing field, learning Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Hawaiian Huna Healing, and NeuroLinguistic Programming.  Upon discovery of Jikiden Reiki, the original Reiki of Usui sensei from Japan, I trained in this method and became a practitioner and Shihan Kaku (assistant teacher). These skills were used as a Palliative Care volunteer at a local hospital.


When Malcolm Ringwalt of The Oneness Quest came into my life I learned the power of the Vision Quest. After completing my own personal Quest, I trained as a Vision Quest Protector, then took several Advanced Protector classes, Seven Levels of Quest, Spiritual Mentoring, The Training, Being Human, The Purity of Oneness, and participated in a 42 Day Retreat with Malcolm. Eventually teacher training in Protection and Seven Levels of Quest rounded out the skills.


Questing remains close to my heart for spiritual growth.


Classes at Tracker School with Tom Brown Jr. in the teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf increased my awareness of the spiritual dimensions. Having completed an apprenticeship with wildernessFusion, learning the healing methods passed down through the lineage of Grandfather Stalking Wolf, I made a formal commitment to walking the path of a healer.


My passion is to help people come to know themselves, to heal, and to discover their purpose. A shared vision with my partner, Chuck led to the establishment of Heron Walk Healing Centre where we teach and see clients.


Blessed by the closeness of family, my life is enriched by six grandchildren. I count myself lucky to live in unique Elgin County, where my spare time is devoted to learning about and working with local herbs. Occasionally I find time to travel for adventures with friends.