Vision Quest Protector

This is a 9 day class about Protection. It’s an incredibly difficult class to describe in a brief paragraph because the range and volume of the teachings can barely be covered in the time allotted.


Some of the topics covered include;

  • methods of both Physical and Spiritual Protection
  • how to detect areas of both light and dark influence;
  • personal and area shielding
  • the physical, emotional, spiritual difficulties of Vision Questing
  • the tools to transform these challenges into Vision
  • techniques to shift into Spirit Mind while walking protection the ability to see and access information beyond the five physical senses


Additionally, you will learn all the logistics for organizing, running, and protecting a Vision Quest for others. The exercises in this program will be intensely experiential.


This course teaches about Protection and significantly deepens your own Quest experience. The Power Quest is the high point of this program.

You will need camping equipment for the base camp. Location and a full “To Bring” list will be included in your acceptance letter. We provide all meals during the 9 days of this class.


This course includes a seventy-five page Protector Manual.


Prerequisite: Wilderness Vision Quest


Instructors: Chuck and Sandy.


Cost: $900.00 (a $300.00 non refundable deposit is due on registration.)


Retake: $450.00


For more information, contact Sandy.



“What an amazing and life changing experience I had at the Protector Course a few weeks ago. I continue to learn from some of the profound events that occurred while I was there.”

Sherry P.

“I have noticed a greater calmness within that was previously untapped since taking part in the Protector class. I feel as though I have made significant strides in my close relationships along with positive shifts on the physical plane – from improvements to my health (through the addition of a morning and evening yoga practice) to the creation of a center to hold Vision Quests. Wonderful. Thank you for the encouragement and the exquisite space you hold for these shifts to occur. I am moved yet more deeply into the creative processes of life —- and the path of the mystic. My faith strengthens as I gain experience with the tools, wisdom, and insights you both share.”

Edwina C.

(Vision Quest Protector Training) was an amazing course, provided a deeper understanding of the quest.  Gave me the skills and self confidence to protect a quest. Also taught skills that can be used in every day life. Class was taught by two amazing teachers whose years of experience questing, protecting and teaching. Two teachers who understand the importance of taking time with each student to make sure everything taught is understood by students.

Jenny K.